Effective June 1, 2009, the Board of Directors has selected Cornerstone Properties, Inc. to act as the property manager for the Community.  Cornerstone acts at the behest of the Board, and is responsible for keeping tabs on the progress of projects undertaken by the community. 

Cornerstone is also the first line of contact for community members who wish to make modifications that require prior approval from the Architectural Control Committee.

The request form is available under the
Arch Control” tab, and must be submitted to Cornerstone for approval prior to starting any work.

The Board of Directors is made up of homeowner volunteers just like you.
The role of the Board of Directors is to help keep the Community functioning and improving, both aesthetically and economically. Your 2Board of Directors is active in improving the community.
Your Board of Directors for the Current Term are:
President ~ Randy Voigt – Term Expires Jan, 2020
Vice President ~ Steve Sammons – Term Expires Jan, 2021
Treasurer / Arch Chair ~ Tim Van Vlack – Term Expires Jan, 2021
Secretary ~ Sonja Okamoto – Term Expires Jan, 2019
Officer ~ Venkatakrishan Ramanathan – Term Expires Jan, 2020

Pursuant to the Bylaws of the Community, the board consists of an odd number of members, with a maximum of nine members.  Members are voted into office for terms of two years.  The proposal to amend the bylaws to alternate election of board members in alternate years (3 members are up for re-election each odd year and 2 members each even year) was passed at the January 2008 annual meeting.

All property owners within the SC Community Association that are in good standing may run for election and serve the community.

SC Community Association
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c/o Cornerstone Properties, Inc.
Attention: Karla Sanders
4523 East Broadway Rd ~ PO Box 62073
Phoenix, AZ  85082-2073
Phone: 602-433-0331
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